Data Recovery From Windows That Covers Partitions and Single File Searches

There is a universal strategy for data recovery through Windows. This strategy dates back to Windows 95 and it includes stepping back in time to a previous ‘date’ the computer was active. So if data was lost in any capacity, an individual goes into the computer and sets off a system restore to a previous date. This feature has evolved over time, allowing for disc mounting as well as restorations going back much further than what the system was previously capable of.

But most people know that this simply does not do it. For one, this will not retrieve all data. It does not apply to mobile recovery and it will not restore data saved on a hard drive and lost. In short, it has its limitations.

The latest Windows Data Recovery Software blows the door wide open on the capabilities of data recovery. It includes so many impeccable features that restore from multiple angles, as well as effectively restores for businesses and larger web-based entities that have so much data in so many little in-roads.


Drive Recovery and the New Capacity Cap

The broad strokes of the stellar phoenix data recovery software covers missing partitions. Partitions may not be widely understood. Advanced users understand it as a way for developing multiple hard disk spaces to allow for more than one operating system. It is similar to having more than one computer system in a single computer, and this partition allows for separate hard drive additions, data security, cross file management, and multiple advanced users. The new Windows Data Recovery will also restore drives above two terabytes in size, a restriction (intentional or not) that was not present in previous iterations.

Specific Recovering

A data recovery is not always all-encompassing, and many users may only need to recover a certain filemap. The new software allows for file organization in multiple ways. It opens up multiple lists and organizes them by the type of file. There is the classic list, the file list, and the masked list. Without going into intimate detail, it is best to see this new organization as a way to pull a specific set of files or file without having to restore a high quantity of data.

Most data recovery programs are used in very specific niche ways. But this disk recovery software is on a whole other level entirely. It includes new features and implementations that are impressive in scale and design.


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